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▪️Nipple sucker with rotating mechanism
▪️Extra high suction power
▪️Reach your goal in just a few turns

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Super Suckers – the nipple suckers that catapult your senses to unimagined heights! Our innovative nipple suckers with a rotating mechanism promise a unique experience for both your nipples and his.

The Super Suckers are designed to give you an intense suction feeling that is achieved with just a few twists. Whether you're looking for new sensual experiences or just want to discover the pleasure of stimulating your nipples - these nipple suckers are the perfect choice.

The rotating mechanism allows you to adjust the suction power according to your preferences . Put it on, turn it slightly and immediately immerse yourself in the world of exciting sensations! The extra-high suction power ensures an intense experience that is both exciting and satisfying.

Using the Super Suckers is incredibly easy. Place them on your nipples, twist to achieve the desired suction, and feel the pleasure build within you. These nipple suckers are not only suitable for individual pleasure, but can also be an exciting addition to playful couple moments .

The high-quality workmanship and attractive design make the Super Suckers not only an effective pleasure dispenser, but also a stylish accessory. Made from skin-friendly material and easy to clean , these nipple suckers are not only erotic but also hygienic.

Discover a new dimension of pleasure with the Super Suckers and surrender to the exciting sucking feelings. Take your intimate moments to a new level and experience the fascination of our nipple suckers with a rotating mechanism. Every spin is a step towards unforgettable sensual pleasures. Treat yourself to the pleasure of Super Suckers and immerse yourself in a world of sensual stimulation!

Item information

Contents Two nipple suckers
material ABS, rubber
overall length 10 centimeters
diameter 3.7cm

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