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Massage oil

For a tender, intense lovemaking

Our massage oils are the perfect choice for a relaxing and sensual experience. We offer a wide range of massage oils specially designed to meet different needs and preferences.

Our massage oil is of the highest quality and contains natural ingredients that can help leave your skin soft and supple.

The massage oil is extremely versatile and can be used for different types of massage, from relaxation massage to sensual massage.


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Massageöl WARMup Vanilla -
Massageöl WARMup Strawberry -
Nuru Massage-Gel 250ml -
Erotic Massage Gel Strawberry -
Erotic Massage Gel Cherry -
Erotic Massage Gel Chocolate -
Massageöl WARMup Cherry -
Massageöl WARMup Mango Maracuja -
Massageöl WARMup Green Apple -
Gleitgel auf Wasserbasis Strawberry -
Massagegel mit Minz-Öl -
Massageöl Erotik Jasmin & Argan -
Massage & Gleitgel 2in1 Silky Touch -
Massage & Gleitgel 2in1 Raspberry Scent -
Massage & Gleitgel 2in1 Amber Scent -
Massage & Gleitgel 2 in1 Strawberry Scent -
Massagegel Hyaluron auf Wasserbasis -
Massagegel Heat Wave vegan -
Massageöl Luxury Kokos und Ananas -

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