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Vibrators are toys that create vibrations to provide stimulation. They come in various shapes, sizes and materials, and are often used for sexual satisfaction and stimulation, both alone and with a partner. The areas of application range from external stimulation to internal penetration, depending on the design of the vibrator. There are many types, from classic clitoral stimulating models to versatile versions for different needs.

Lay-on vibrators

Lay-on vibrators are handy sex toys that were specifically developed for external stimulation. Unlike traditional vibrators, they are not inserted, but rather placed on or around the erogenous zones, such as the clitoris or other sensitive areas. They create vibrations or pulsating pressure waves that are transmitted to the surface of the skin to provide pleasure sensations and sexual stimulation without penetrating the body. These types of vibrators can offer a diverse range of intensities and patterns and are popular for use alone or during intercourse with a partner.

Vibrators with clitoral stimulation

Vibrators that simultaneously provide vibrations for vaginal stimulation and a special arm or structure for the clitoris. The clitoral stimulator can come in different shapes and sizes to stimulate the clitoris while using the vibrator. These toys are designed to combine both internal and external stimulation to create more intense and varied sexual sensations.

Couple vibrators

Couples vibrators are sex toys designed for shared pleasure. They are used during sexual intercourse to stimulate both partners at the same time. These toys are often placed between bodies and provide vibrations that are pleasurable for both. They can have different shapes and functions to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot and penis, intensifying the sexual experience for both partners.

Anal vibrators

Anal vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate the anus. They are available in different types and models. They are usually made from materials that are safe for the body, such as silicone or ABS plastic, and often come with vibration settings to provide additional stimulation. It is important to use water-based lubricants when using anal vibrators and to use care and caution to ensure a comfortable and safe experience. It is advisable to include prior relaxation techniques and communication with the partner to ensure a pleasant experience.

Mini vibrators

Mini vibrators are small, handy vibrators that are used to stimulate erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipples or other sensitive areas of the body. They are discreet, portable and often versatile, making them well suited for travel or discreet use. They often offer different vibration modes and intensities to suit individual preferences.


Massagers offer a larger surface area for external stimulation and can therefore be used optimally for relaxation or intense arousal. These devices are often used for external stimulation of the body, especially erogenous zones such as the genital area, nipples or other sensitive areas. In order to adapt the stimulation according to needs and vary the sexual experience, most massagers have different vibration levels and intensities.



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