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They are designed to improve the masturbation experience in men. It is usually placed over the erect penis and then used through manual movements to provide a simulation of sexual intercourse or oral stimulation. Some masturbators are also electrically powered and offer different vibration or pulsation modes for additional stimulation.

The interior is made of soft, skin-like material, which often has internal structures, nubs, grooves or other textures to further increase stimulation and pleasure.

Couple vibrators

Couples vibrators are sex toys designed for shared pleasure. They are used during sexual intercourse to stimulate both partners at the same time. These toys are often placed between bodies and provide vibrations that are pleasurable for both. They can have different shapes and functions to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot and penis, intensifying the sexual experience for both partners.

Cock rings

Small rings worn around the base of the erect penis to enhance erection. By restricting blood flow to the penis in this way, the erection can last longer and possibly be more intense.

Some cock rings have additional features, such as vibrations to stimulate your partner during intercourse. However, it is important to use cock rings with caution as applying them too tightly may cause discomfort or injury. It is advisable to obtain information and, if necessary, consult a doctor before using a cock ring.

Penis pumps

Penis pumps are used to create or enhance an erection by creating negative pressure around the penis. They typically consist of a cylinder that is placed over the penis. A pump is used to remove air from the cylinder to create a vacuum. This causes blood to flow into the penis, which can lead to an erection.

Penis sheaths

Penis sleeves, also known as penis sleeves, penis extenders or penis extensions, are designed to temporarily change the size, girth or texture of the penis. They are often made of soft, stretchy material such as silicone or rubber and are placed over the erect penis. It is important to note that penis sleeves only work temporarily and do not cause a permanent change in penis size. They should also be used with caution to avoid injury. As with all sexual aids, it is important that both partners agree and feel comfortable using them.

Urethral stimulation

Urethral stimulation refers to the stimulation of the nerve endings in the urethra, which can produce sexual pleasure or sensory pleasure. This is often achieved by inserting objects or special toys into the urethra. It is important to be extremely careful when doing this as the urethra is sensitive and can cause injury or infection if not done properly. It is recommended that you do your research beforehand and possibly seek professional guidance or advice to minimize potential risks.

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