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Dildos are sexual toys used for internal stimulation. They come in different properties to suit individual preferences. Typically phallus-shaped, they can be used for vaginal or anal stimulation and are often made of silicone, glass or other safe materials. They are used for masturbation or can also be used in partner games.

Glass dildos

Glass dildos are sex toys made from tempered glass. They are smooth, often handmade and can be of various shapes. Glass dildos are hypoallergenic, non-porous and can be both cooled and heated to create different temperature stimuli during use. They are easy to clean and can be used with various lubricants.

Suction cup dildos

Suction cup dildos are sex toys that can stick to smooth surfaces by having a suction cup at the base. This type of dildo allows for various uses as they can be attached to walls, floors or other surfaces to allow for hands-free pleasure. They offer users versatile options for solo or partner activities.

Nature dildos

Nature-like dildos are sex toys designed to mimic human genitals and provide a realistic experience. They are often made from materials such as silicone, CyberSkin or other skin-like substances to best mimic the texture and feel of human skin and to reflect the diversity of human anatomy. They are popular with people looking for authentic sensations during masturbation or sex play.

Double dildos are suitable for pleasure through intense and simultaneous stimulation. These toys consist of two ends connected together and offer both penetration and stimulation for both partners at the same time. Their versatile shape allows for a wide variety of applications.

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