Anal Kit 4 pcs.

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▪️Stronger erection due to the blood congestion effect of the cock ring
▪️Incredible stimulation of your P-spot
▪️Provides the perfect fit
▪️Soft but sturdy material

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The Black Velvets 4-piece Anal Kit is a comprehensive collection of anal toys specifically designed for optimal pleasure. It contains a plug , a ball strand , an intimate shower and a vibrator that can be inserted into the plug and the strand. This set offers everything you need to fulfill your intimate desires.

The plug is approximately 15 cm long and has a diameter of 2.1-3.5 cm, while the ball strand is approximately 18 cm long and 1.2-3 cm in diameter. Both are made of high quality silicone, ABS and PVC to ensure maximum comfort and safety .

The intimate shower is approx. 17 cm long and has an insertion tube approx. 5.5 cm long and a diameter of 6-9 mm. This toy is perfect for a thorough cleaning before anal sex or just for stimulation.

The set is powered by a battery (1 x Micro/AAA), which must be ordered separately. With the vibrator, which can be inserted into the plug or the strand, the pleasure becomes even more intense.

The Black Velvets 4-Piece Anal Kit is an essential set for anyone looking to explore or expand anal play. It is of the highest quality and designed with your needs in mind.
Order now and enjoy a new level of intimacy .

Item information

Contents Anal plug, ball strand, intimate shower and vibrator
material Silicone, ABS, PVC
Size Anal plug: approx. 15 cm long
Ball strand: approx. 18 cm long
Intimate shower: approx. 17 cm long
Shower insertion tube: approx. 5.5 cm long

Anal plug: 2.1 - 3.5 cm
Ball strand: 1.2 - 3 cm
Intimate shower: 6 - 9 mm

The vibrator requires 1 x Micro/AAA battery (not included).

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