Cock ring 3.2 cm Black Velvets

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▪️Increases the erection-supporting blood congestion effect
▪️For more stamina and strength
▪️Made of seamless silicone with a soft touch texture

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The cock ring from Black Velvets is just right for you if you want your If you want to improve your performance and increase your pleasure.

The cock ring has an inner diameter of 3.2 cm and is specially designed to improve your erection . The tight fit of the ring reduces blood flow to your penis, leading to a blood congestion effect . This increases your steadfastness and allows you to enjoy more intense experiences.

The seamless silicone ring is particularly skin-friendly and has a pleasantly soft touch texture . With a diameter of 3.2 cm, it is stretchy and therefore easy to use. You can easily slip it over your erect penis and enjoy how it enhances your erection and maximizes your pleasure.

Thanks to the effective and comfortable design of the Black Velvets cock ring, you can increase your sexual performance and take your pleasure to the next level. This cock ring is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to improve their erection and enjoy more intense experiences.

So, what are you waiting for? Order the cock ring from Black Velvets now and experience the great effect of this little ring!

Item information

material Silicone, PU
diameter Inside: 3.2cm
Outside: 4.5 cm, not very stretchy
Ring thickness 0.7cm
Weight 40g
Waterproof Yes

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