Menstrual cup Tulipa size 2 - 20 ml

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▪️ Reusable
▪️ Free from BPA, latex and plasticizers
▪️ With practical storage box
▪️ Skin-friendly
▪️ Vegan

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Welcome to the world of sustainable menstrual hygiene with the Tulipa menstrual cup! No more disposable products, because Tulipa is your reusable solution for an environmentally conscious period.

Made from TPE, Tulipa is not only soft and cuddly , but also available in two different sizes to offer you the perfect fit. We know how important it is to keep your Tulipa clean and protected. That's why it comes with a specially developed storage box that protects it from dirt and at the same time wicks away moisture.

The best part? Tulipa is not only good for the environment, but also good for you. Free of BPA, latex and plasticizers, you can use them without hesitation. It is skin-friendly, fragrance-free and even vegan - a real treat for your body during your period.

Choose Tulipa and help make the world a little greener. Make the switch to eco-friendly menstrual hygiene now and experience the comfort and freedom that Tulipa offers.

Item information

Contents Tulipa menstrual cup, storage box
material Tulipa menstrual cup: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE)
Storage box: Polypropylene (PP)
overall length 7cm
diameter Size 1: 4.07 cm
Size 2: 4.70 cm

Which is the right size?

Size 1 holds 15 ml and has a diameter of 40.7 mm, size 2 holds 20 ml and has a diameter of 47 mm. Both cups are 70 mm long in total. Which of the two sizes is the right one depends on several factors.

If you have light to medium menstruation, the smaller size is more suitable. A firm pelvic floor and a low-sitting cervix also speak for size 1.

Size 2 holds 30 ml and is suitable for women who have medium to heavy menstruation. If the pelvic floor is slightly weaker, for example due to childbirth, or the cervix is ​​higher up, size 2 can be used.


Folding and Insertion: The folded Tulipa is inserted and unfolds with slight negative pressure to be held in place. The Tulipa is not inserted as deeply as a tampon. It sits in the lower part of the vagina and the stem should no longer be visible.

Removing it: You can release the vacuum by gently pressing the bottom end of the menstrual cup. The cup can then be carefully pulled out. Important: The Tulipa should never remain in the vagina for longer than 8 hours without interruption.

Cleaning: The tulipa is cleaned with warm water and soap. You can also boil it before the first use and after each period by placing it in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes.

Storage: After cleaning, you can store the clean and dried Tulipa in the container that comes with it.

Durability: With regular care and proper use, the Tulipa can be used again for many years.

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