Masturbator "TENGA Premium Soft Case Cup" aus Silikon - mit beiliegendem Gelitgel 15.5 cm (blau)

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▪️Disposable masturbator as a premium version
▪️Soft tube cup for pressure control
▪️Suction effect can be individually controlled

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The Soft Case Cup from TENGA, now in its premium version, which will make your intimate moments an unforgettable experience. Immerse yourself in the world of sophisticated sensuality and enjoy the incomparable sensations that this masturbation device has to offer.

This disposable masturbator redefines luxury by featuring a more elaborate internal structure , higher quality silicone material and an improved, easy-to-wash lubricant. Discreetly packaged in a tube cup, it is ready for immediate use and is just waiting to take you into a universe of pleasure.

The sophistication begins with gentle insertion while the penis is caressed by the lubricant ring. The premium lubricant, applied generously, eliminates the need for additional lube to ensure you a smooth experience. The varied internal structure, consisting of different diameters, provides an intense massage that awakens your senses and increases pleasure.

For maximum control and intensity, you can squeeze the soft tube cup at will to increase stimulation and customize your experience. And when you reach the end of the masturbator, a pinnacle of innovation awaits you: the vacuum opening. Simply remove the sticker from the opening and use your finger to regulate the pressure to your liking to enjoy sucking sensations - similar to a first-class blowjob.

The Soft Case Cup by TENGA - a masterpiece of pleasure, designed for your ultimate pleasure . Experience incomparable sensations, filled with passion and intensity that will turn your intimate moments into an unforgettable adventure.

Item information

material TPE, PE, urethane
overall length 15.5cm
Insertion depth 15cm
Inner diameter 4.5cm

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