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▪️ Latex-free condoms made of polyisoprene
▪️ Ultra-thin and ultra-soft
▪️ For particularly realistic sex
▪️ Vegan

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    Are you looking for a condom that offers you an ultra-realistic experience? Then SKYN Elite condoms are just right for you! This pack contains 20 latex-free condoms made of polyisoprene that are particularly thin and ultra-soft.

    Imagine being able to feel almost everything during sex - that's exactly what these condoms allow you to do. Their ultra-thin walls let you experience closeness with your partner in a whole new way. And the best part? They're vegan ! So don't worry, they're a perfect fit for your lifestyle and beliefs.

    If you suffer from a latex allergy or suspect that conventional condoms could cause allergic reactions, then these condoms are the ideal choice for you. They are completely free of natural rubber latex and still provide the protection you need.

    These condoms are not only ultra-thin, but also have a pleasantly moist coating and a reservoir for additional safety. With a length of 180 mm and a nominal width of 53 mm, they fit perfectly and offer you a comfortable wearing experience.

    So what are you waiting for? Get the SKYN Elite condoms now and experience sex in a whole new, realistic way!

    Article information

    Contents 20 condoms

    Latex-free made from polyisoprene


    Length: 180 mm, nominal width: 53 mm

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