Glass dildo No. 5 Icicles 18.5 cm

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▪️Handmade glass dildo with stand
▪️Elegant look with stimulating coil
▪️Hot and cold games possible
▪️Durable and easy to clean

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Are you looking for a special experience? Then our handmade glass dildo with stand is just the thing for you! Its elegant look and the striking stimulating spiral make it not only an aesthetic highlight, but also an exciting source of pleasure.

With this glass dildo you can not only pamper your desire, but also your senses. Thanks to its properties, you can enjoy it both hot and cold. Whether you crave tingly refreshment or prefer warmth for more intense sensations , this dildo won't let you down.

Hand manufacturing guarantees a seamless surface that is particularly hygienic and easy to clean. The glass is also hypoallergenic , so you can concentrate on your pleasure without having to worry.

Discover the diverse possibilities now and experience pleasurable moments with our exclusive glass dildo!

Item information



overall length


Insertion depth



3cm to 3.5cm

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