The secret of urethral stimulation

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The secret of urethral stimulation

Urethral stimulation is a fascinating practice that opens up an additional dimension of desire and pleasure in intimacy. But many people don't know much about this technology. In this article we will look at the basics of urethral stimulation and discuss some important points about how to use it safely and comfortably.


What is urethral stimulation?

Urethral stimulation, also known as "sounding," is a sexual practice that involves inserting a small rod or catheter into the urethra. This can be used on both men and women to experience new sensations and more intense orgasms.

The benefits of urethral stimulation

Expansion of sexual experience

Stimulating the urethra can lead to more intense and varied sexual experiences.

Increased sensitivity

By stimulating the nerve endings in the urethra, sexual sensitivity can be increased.

Intensification of orgasm

Many people report more intense orgasms from urethral stimulation.

Safety and hygiene

It is extremely important to pay attention to safety and hygiene when performing urethral stimulation. Here are some key points:

Use of sterile utensils

Make sure all instruments used are sterile to avoid infection.

Gentle cleaning

Make sure your hands and toys you use are thoroughly cleaned to avoid infection.

Use of lubricant

A high-quality water-based lubricant is essential to ease catheter insertion and prevent friction.

Introduction techniques

Inserting the catheter requires patience and tact. Here are some basic steps:


Both the introducer and the receiver should be relaxed to ensure a comfortable experience.

Slow approach

Start with a thin catheter and insert it slowly and carefully.


Be sure to constantly communicate with your partner to ensure everything is pleasant and safe.

Urethral stimulation can be an exciting addition to the sexual experience when practiced with caution and consideration. It's important to take time to communicate and listen to your body. With the right approach, this practice can lead to deeper intimacy and more fulfilling sexual relationships.

Please note that it is important to conduct extensive research before using urethral stimulation and, if in doubt, seek professional advice.