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The most popular sex toys for men

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The most popular sex toys for men

The focus is on the man himself - sex toys for men

Whether you're single or in a relationship, solo fun is an important part of your love life. With the latest technology, you no longer even have to do it yourself. There are now sex toys that do the hard work and just give you pleasure. While the sex toy market was dominated by toys for women for a long time, there are now also a variety of sex toys for men. Here we introduce you to the most popular toys for men.

Masturbators: Realistic experience

Masturbators are designed to give you the most realistic masturbation experience possible. Fleshlights are probably the most lifelike sex toys on the market. These flashlights of a different kind are equipped with vaginal, anal or oral silicone impressions of famous porn stars and let men get a little closer to their fantasies.