Double paddle leather 30 cm XX-DREAMSTOYS

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▪️Enables precise strikes
▪️Easy to use
▪️Made of robust leather

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Experience intense fun with our double paddle made of high-quality leather!

Are you looking for an exciting accessory for sensual moments? Our durable leather double paddle with double clap could be exactly what you're looking for! With an impressive total length of approx. 30 cm and a weight of only 142 g, this paddle is not only handy, but also extremely effective.

The paddle is made of durable leather, which not only provides a pleasant feel but also ensures longevity. The high-quality workmanship ensures that you will enjoy this accessory for a long time. The double clap creates exciting noises when used and enhances the sensual experience.

With a total length of around 30 cm, the double paddle is the perfect size for versatile applications. The compact size allows for precise strokes and puts you in control of every sensual adventure. Whether you are a beginner or already have experience, this double paddle is the ideal addition to your collection of erotic accessories.

Weighing only 142 g, the double paddle is light and easy to handle . The ergonomic shape ensures a comfortable grip while you can vary the intensity of the hits to suit your preferences. The paddle allows you to discover new dimensions of pleasure and playfully explore your limits.

Discover a new world of sensuality with our leather double paddle. Order now and immerse yourself in exciting and erotic adventures!

Item information

material leather
overall length 30 cm
Weight 142g

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