Anal hock ass-gasm cock ring plug

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▪️Stronger erection due to the blood congestion effect of the cock ring
▪️Incredible stimulation of your P-spot
▪️Provides the perfect fit
▪️Soft but sturdy material

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As a sex toy lover, you will love the black Ass-gasm cock ring plug .

This fantastic product not only offers a stronger erection thanks to the blood stasis effect of the cock ring, but also incredible stimulation of your P-spot thanks to the flexible bar that connects the anal plug to the ring.

With a total length of 10 cm, an insertion depth of 8.3 cm and an anal plug diameter of 1.5-3.25 cm, this cock ring plug offers a perfect fit . The ring has a stretchable diameter of 3.75cm and a ring thickness of 6mm, which is made of silicone with PU coating to provide a soft yet durable material.

This sex toy is ideal for men who are looking for an exciting experience and want to take their sexuality to the next level. Try the Ass-gasm Cockring Plug and experience stronger erections and incredible stimulation that you won't want to be without.

Item information

material Silicone with PU coating
overall length 10 centimeters
Plug insertion depth



Plug: 1.5-3.25cm
Ring: 3.75 cm (stretchy)

Ring thickness 6mm
Waterproof Yes

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